2019 Fall Season



21 September

Centro Cultural da Arruda

Chamber Opera

Inestética production

Alexandre Lyra-Leite, stage director

Duo Tágide


22 October

O'Culto da Ajuda


Recorded live for radio broadcast

Miso Music production

Lopes-Graça Guirlanda para Federico Garcia Lorca


Fátima Fonte New Work Premiere

* a Miso Music commission


George Crumb Apparition

As Flores do Mal

31 October

1 to 3, 7 to 10, 14 to 17 November

Palácio do Sobralinho

Chamber Opera Premiere

Inestética production

Alexandre Lyra-Leite, stage director

2019 Summer Season

Duo Tágide

Canto Ibérico * a Portuguese and UK tour

A recital of beautiful Portuguese and Spanish songs by Granados, Guridi, Vianna da Motta and F. de Freitas will travel to the north of Portugal as well as London and Oxford, during the summer and fall of 2019.

This new program is part of the Alma Ibérica Project, dedicated to the promotion of Iberian song and composers.

Check out the summer dates!

June 24th 2019 @ Palácio Foz , Lisboa

June 29th 2019@ Lugar do Desenho, Gondomar

July 9th 2019 @ St. James's Church Sussex Gardens, London

July 13th 2019 @ Biblioteca D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão, Arouca

Ensemble Darcos Collaboration

Mahler 4th Symphony * conductor Nuno Côrte-Real

Inês Simões makes her debut in Mahler with the beautiful final movement of the 4th Symphony -  a performance recorded by the national radio Antena 2.

Finda out more at: https://www.rtp.pt/antena2/concertos-antena2/ensemble-darcos-ines-simoes-28-junho-19h00_4253

June 28th @ Academia das Ciências

June 29th @ Quinta da Almiarca

2018 - 2019 Season

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Past Events

Filming of King Harald's Saga by Judith Weir

September 2018 @ Parque Industrial Baía do Tejo, Barreiro

Recipient of the Opera Awards Foundation Bursary in 2017, Max Hoehn explores with soprano Inês Simões the narrative of Judith Weir's mono-opera in an old abandoned factory.


This short film will come out at the beginning of 2019.

Premiere of Nuno Côrte-Real's New Opera
* Canção do Bandido


8th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th November @ Teatro da Trindade

20th November 2018 @ Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras

Composer & Conductor: Musical Nuno Côrte-Real

Libreto: Pedro Mexia

Direction: Ricardo Neves-Neves

Macaco - André Henriques

Bruna - Bárbara Barradas

Severa - Cátia Moreso

Esmeralda - Inês Simões

Oponente - Marco Alves dos Santos

Guadalupe - Sónia Alcobaça

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos Choir & Sinfónica Portuguesa Orchestra

Set: Henrique Ralheta

Costumes: Rafaela Mapril

Production: Força de Produção

Coprodução: Teatro da Trindade INATEL, Teatro Nacional de São Carlos & Temporada Darcos

Luís Soldado's "Tabacaria"

30th November 2018 @ Fórum  Cultural de Alcochete

A Production by Inestética Companhia Teatral 

A Chamber Opera based on the famous poem by national treasure Fernando Pessoa.

Staging Alexandre Lyra Leite

Musical Director Rui Pinheiro

Baritone Rui Baeta / Soprano Inês Simões

Ensemble: Daniela Pinheiro (flute), Catherine Stockwell (bassoon), Magda Pinto (viola), Sofia Azevedo (cello)

British Fair * A Britten Discovery

8th of December @ British Council, Lisbon


Soprano Inês Simões is joined by barytone André Baleiro and pianist Daniel Godinho to celebrate Britten's Folksongs during the British Fair at British Council in Lisbon. 


Come and join us in this pre-Chritmas Fair  in one of the two showcases: at 12 am and 8 pm!

Euridyce's Monologue
* ENOA Residency for Jug Marković

11th December 2018 @ Auditório da ESML

The Gulbenkian Foundation in collaboration with the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa will host composer Jug Markovic residency, part of Orpheus Project initiated in 2016 during the workshop in LOD Theater in Ghent. 

In this first phase of the work in progress chamber Opera, Inês will rehearse and work on one specific scene from the opera - "Eurydice's Monologue", based on the short story "Eurydice in the Underworld" by the American writer Kathy Acker. 

Christmas Concert
Exultate Jubilate * W. A. Mozart

22nd December @ Igreja Matriz de Coruche

I am happy to revisit Mozart's masterpiece for soprano and Orchestra "Exultate, Jubilate"! A wonderful celebratory work, ideal to start the Christmas season. 

In collaboration with the Camerata Amicis and conductor Carlos Silva.


There is nothing better then making music with friends and the perfect way to say goodbye to 2018!

Laboratório de Criação de Ópera Contemporânea * Inestética 

26th January 2019 @ Palácio do Sobralinho

In this Lab, 3 young composers will discover the art of writing for voice and ensemble leading to performance of 3 new operatic scenes. 


Leaders: composer Luís Soldado, baritone Rui Baeta and soprano Inês Simões

Tudo Nunca Sempre o Mesmo Diferente Nada
* Ópera by Tiago Cutileiro

23rd February 2019 @ Teatro Municipal da Guarda

27th February @ Cine-Teatro Avenida Castelo Branco

1st March @ Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto

10th March @ Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro

16th June @ Teatro Garcia de Resende, Évora

Production: Arte no Tempo

Direction: Leonor Keil, Sónia Baptista e Sara Carinhas

Um - Maria João Sousa

Outro - Inês Simões

Narrativa: Maria Ermida e Nélia Gonçalves

A story of Love and Solitude. 

Texts by Woody Allen, Björk, Jack Kerouac, Fernando Pessoa and a collection of text messages.

O Corpo Brasonado * Recital Duo Tágide

Festival Música Viva * O'Culto da Ajuda

25th May 2019 @

António Chagas Rosa: Cicuta

Wilhelm Killmayer: Blasons Anatomiques du corps féminin

Dedicated to the beauty of the feminine body, this recital expores French erotic poetry from the 15th and 16th centuries,  selections from Maria Teresa Horta's "Educação Sentimental" interspersed with readings of major erotic Portuguese poems.

With special participation of actress Catarina Wallenstein.

Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Festival Ciclo de Música no Convento dos Capuchos

11th August 2018 @ 9.30 pm

F. Schubert “Der Hirt auf dem Felsen”, D. 965

L. van Beethoven 7 songs

Joining the prestigious Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Inês Simões invites you to an evening of chamber music delights.

xima Magazine Interview *

11 Women who are changing Portuguese Music

Inês Simões tells her story and uncovers what to be a soprano in Portugal means.

Music's transformative power:


Happiness through music:


What are you listening to:


Ciclo Voz Extraordinária * Miso Music

O'Culto da Ajuda

9th June 2018


Come and listen to Portuguese premiere of George Crumb's masterpiece "Apparition" as well as Chagas Rosa's cycle "Chants de Teika".

Duo Tágide: Soprano Inês Simões and Pianist Daniel Godinho

Mosaico *Nuno Côrte-Real
* Temporada Darcos

Culturgest - 27th May 2018 @ 7.30pm


Held on the ramp leading to the Galleries at Culturgest, this concert will present a mosaic of new contemporary Portuguese music, with three premières and two repeats of already written works. Highlights are João Madureira's new piece for the Darcos 2018 season, and Fernando Lapa's Destinos for soprano, viola and cello, about poems by José Manuel Mendes, as well as Nuno Côrte-Real's Noite Antiquíssima (op.7) for soprano, violin, double-bass and piano, a musical reading of Álvaro de Campos' ode Vem, Noite antiquíssima e idêntica. Also presented are works by Fábio Cachão and Tomás Borralho.

Let the Florid Music Praise
* An Homage to Britten *

British Council

10th March 2018 @ 7 pm


A Recital dedicated to Britten's songs

Singers: Inês Simões and André Baleiro

Pianists: Daniel Godinho and David Santos

Luís Soldado's "Tabacaria"

24th February @ Casa Fernando Pessoa - CD Launch

3rd March 2018 @ Palácio de Queluz

17th March 2018 @ Casa da Criatividade, São João da Madeira

12th April 2018 @ Teatro das Figuras, Faro

19th May 2018 @ Vila Franca de Xira


A Production by Inestética Companhia Teatral 

A Chamber Opera based on the famous poem by national treasure Fernando Pessoa.

Staging Alexandre Lyra Leite * Musical Director Rui Pinheiro * Baritone Rui Baeta * Soprano Inês Simões * Ensemble; Daniela Pinheiro (flute), Catherine Stockwell (bassoon), Magda Pinto (viola), Sofia Azevedo (cello)

Da Solidão - a recital for solo soprano


Miso Music Residency and performances

O'Culto da Ajuda 

19th, 20th and 21st January 2018


In an exciting recital of contemporary music, Inês will demonstrate her bravado by interpreting a selection of works for solo soprano and solo and electronics.


There will be three national premieres, three world premieres and two commissions for her voice, in a repertoire that encompasses Cage, Saariaho, Aperghis, Capdeville, Baptista, Vasques Dias, Azguime and C. Silva.


Come and discover this new music, joining her in a journey through loneliness.



Luís Soldado's "Tabacaria"

Palácio do Sobralinho

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th

November 2017


A Production by Inestética Companhia Teatral 

A Chamber Opera based on the famous poem by national treasure Fernando Pessoa.

Staging Alexandre Lyra Leite

Musical Director Rui Pinheiro

Baritone Rui Baeta

Soprano Inês Simões

Ensemble: Daniela Pinheiro (flute), Catherine Stockwell (bassoon), Magda Pinto (viola), Sofia Azevedo (cello)

Alma Ibérica in Lagos

Igreja de Santo António, Lagos

29th September 2017


soprano Ines Simões

pianist Daniel Godinho

As part of the Heritage European Journey, the Duo Tágide presents a second Alma Ibérica programme of Iberian songs by composeres Guridi, Carrapatoso, Blanco and Frederico de Freitas.

Café Carnage

"Música na Fábrica" Festival

Fábrica L @ Lx Factory:  30th June, 1st and 2nd July 2017

Cubit Sessions @ Tête-à-Tête Festival, London: 3rd August 2017


Opera Lab Europe (OLÉ!) is a new ensemble, co-founded by Inês Simões and director Max Hoehn, to perform "Café Carnage", a trio of short a cappella operas, in the "Música na Fábrica" Festival, in the  summer of 2017.

Inês will bring to live the roles of  the Lady in Stephen Oliver's "The Waiter's Revenge", the title role in Judith Weir's solo opera "King Harald's Saga" and Suzanne in Zad Moultaka's "Hummus".



Nuno Côrte-Real's "O Rapaz de Bronze"

Centro Cultural de Belém

29th April 2017


Music Festival "Dias da Música" 2017 

Inês makes her Début in the pretigious "Dias da Música" Festival in her hometown. She will sing the role of Rosa, in Nuno Côrte-Reals's successful chamber opera "O Rapaz de Bronze" .



Alma Ibérica's Paris Recital


@ Salão Nobre do Conservatório Nacional, Lisboa

20th January 2017 

Casa de Portugal, Paris

12th February 2017


pianist Daniel Godinho

With its French Début Recital, Alma Ibérica presents a second programme of Iberian songs by composeres Guridi, Carrapatoso, Blanco and Frederico de Freitas.



Humperdinck's Hansel und Gretel


Temporada Darcos


Cine-Teatro de Torres Vedras

3rd and 4th December 2016


Conductor: Nuno Côrte-Real

Direction: Mario Alves

Gretel: Inês Simões


Humperdinck began work on Hänsel and Gretel in 1890 when his sister requested a set of four songs based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm for her children to perform. From that set of songs Humperdinck expanded the piece to a full opera. 

Hänsel and Gretel’s mother orders them to go outside and pick strawberries to keep them from causing trouble in the house. And then...

Song and Creation Residency


Aix-en-Provence Festival


6th - 18th June 2016


Mikael Eliasen, Emeritus Professor of the Curtis Institute, is running this residency, which celebrates the founding fathers of modernity (Debussy, Stravinsky and Schoenberg) and world creations. 

These workshop sessions provide an opportunity for singers and vocal coaches/pianists to meet and contribute to new forms of writing, while improving their knowledge of the 20th century repertoire. It also gives young composers an opportunity to experiment and write for voice, thus providing a springboard towards opera creation.


Inês will be creating, alongside mezzo-soprano Héloïse Mas, a piece by Serbian composer Jug Markovic.

João Guilherme Ripper's Onheama


Festival Terras Sem Sombra 


Cineteatro Municipal de Serpa, 21st and 22nd May 2016


A collaboration with the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos and the Coro Juvenil do Instituto Gregoriano de Lisboa, under the baton of Marcelo de Jesus.


Inês Simões will perform the roles of Nhandeci, mother of the Amazon tribe, and Xivi, the celestial jaguar who has devoured the Sun - the mythological cause of the solar eclipse.

Jamie Man's Play
New Opera


Grande Auditório * Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of March 2016


Gulbenkian Orchestra 

Conductor Hannu Lintu

Direction Kristiina Helin


Play is a new opera by Jamie Man, that comissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation. Inês is thrilled to explore and bring to life the soprano lead role.

Messiah, HWV 56
Georg Friedrich Händel


Grande Auditório * Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 

Sunday 15th November 2015 @ 18.00pm


Gulbenkian Orchestra * Gulbenkian Choir

Conductor Paulo Lourenço


Inês Simões is very happy to return to the Gulbenkian Foundation to sing the soprano solos in Händel's masterpiece, the Messiah.

La Scala di Seta * Rossini


Berwick Festival Opera

1rst and 2nd August 2016 


The Maltings Theatre & Rocket Opera Production

Conductor - Stephen Higgins

Giulia - Inês Simões


"... As Giulia, Ines Simoes was a superb spider at the centre of the web of confusion. Her fast-fire expressive asides and animated singing ensured we knew where we were in storyline and relationships terms – and enjoyed being there..."



W. A. Mozart * Le Nozze di Figaro

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

January 2015


Contessa Cover


Conductor Paul McCreesh

Director Claudio Desderi




DACAPO Magazine interview


Portuguese music magazine DACAPO interviews lyric soprano Inês Simões, giving an overview of her profile, past successes and future projects.


Discover this Portuguese soprano on the Cantabile - Singers section at:





Gaetano Donizetti's Rita 


National Tour of Portugal 2014 - 2015


Teatro das Artes e Espectáculos, Portalegre, 13th February 2015

Teatro Tempo, Portimão, 29th November 2014

Teatro Bernardim Ribeiro, Estremoz, March 2014


Conduction: Vera Batista

Direction: Figueira Cid


A rare revival of Donizetti's one act act comic opera, presented by Contemporaneus.


Rita, the landlady of a tavern, is the abusive wife of poor timid Peppe. The unexpected entrance of a mysterious stranger sets the tone for the rest of  this domestic farce.

Opera Gala


A celebration of the most beautiful opera arias - from the classicism of Mozart to the 20th century with Stravinsky.


Salão Nobre do Conservatório Nacional de Música de Lisboa

Saturday 10th January 2015 @ 9pm

pianist Daniel Godinho


Sala de Espelhos do Palácio Foz

Tuesday 20th January 2015 @ 18.30pm

pianist Daniel Godinho



Alma Ibérica


I am thrilled to annouce the launch of Alma Ibérica's first CD on the 7th of January 2015, at 6.30 pm in the beautiful Palácio Foz (Lisbon). The CD was released in November 2014 by the label Sonus Music.


The project Alma Ibérica is a collaboration between pianist Daniel Godinho and soprano Inês Simões. It began as a way to explore the Iberian Art Song and continues in its commitment to bring to light a repertoire that is still little known by the general audience.


In May 2013, Alma ibérica was given a recording grant by the Foundation Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas. After a rigorous selection process, covering 137 projects, the project was chosen for its cultural and artictic relevance  and integrity. We deeply thank the Foundation Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas for its interest in promoting the Iberian Art Song repertoire!


For more information on this project, please visit our website: 
















Rossini and the "recitar cantando"


enoa workshop


Verona Opera Academy

17th, 18th and 19th November 2014



Led by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, one of the most innovative Italian stage directors, and by singer Lorenzo Regazzo, the workshop focusses on the Rossini repertoire. Participants will work on interpretation, acting and stage movement. 


Participants will be divided in 4 groups, each one with a stage director. A final performance will be given on November 19th. 




New Works Concert



Grande Auditório * Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Friday 12th September 2014


Conductor Magnus Lindberg

Gulbenkain Orchestra

Soprano Inês Simões

Tenor Pedro Cachado


Works by composers Pedro Faria Gomes, Nuno da Rocha, Igor Silva, Daniel Moreira, Arthur Lavandier and Frederik Neyrinck.


These works are the result of the ENOA workshop "Composing for voices with Magnus Lindberg and Barbara Hannigan" 

The Fisherman's Brides


Tête à Tête Festival

Thursday 24 July & Friday 25 July 2014

Central Saint Martins Platform Theatre


The Fisherman’s Brides explores the eccentric, weather-beaten characters of a Highland fishing community and one woman’s ultimate sacrifice. A dark yet humorous production, with songs composed from tide tables and sounds from the shore; it will transport you from an old woman’s dusty heart to the bottom of the ocean.


Conductor- James Albany Hoyle

Mairi- Linda Hurst                                Flora -Amy Worsfold
Isla- Ines Simoes                                    Morag - Rosalind O'DowdBobby - 
Jilly- Caroline Kennedy                        Bobby - Austin Gunn 
Eilidh- Emily Phillips                             John - Hamish Mackay
Ailsa- Sophie Kochanowska               Priest - Martin Treacher
Beitidh- Zoe Perman

Song Recitals


Accompanist: Daniel Godinho


Sunday 5th Januay 2014 @ 18.00pm

Clube dos Oficiais da Marinha Mercante, Lisbon


Saturday 18th January 2014 @ 21.30pm

Teatro Ibérico, Lisbon


Saturday 1rst February 2014 @ 18.00pm

Palácio Foz, Lisboa


Friday 18th April @ 19.00pm

Centro Cultural de Lagos


Sunday 4th May 2014

Museu Gulbenkian, Lisboa


Solomon, HWV 67
Georg Friedrich Händel


Grande Auditório * Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian 

Thursday 20th and Friday 21rst March 2014 @ 19.00pm


Gulbenkian Orchestra * Gulbenkian Choir

Conducting: Paul McCreesh

IESTYN DAVIES (countertenor * Salomon)

INÊS SIMÕES (soprano * Solomon's Queen)
GILLIAN WEBSTER (soprano * Queen of Sheba)
MHAIRI LAWSON (soprano * First Harlot)
CÁTIA MORESO (mezzo-soprano * Second Harlot)
THOMAS WALKER (tenor * Zadok)
HUGO OLIVEIRA (baritone * a Levite)

Inês Simões is very proud to annouce her début at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, a venue that holds a special place in her heart from listening since childhood to the great artists who performed there.

Antoine Mariotte's Salomé
Bayerische Theaterakademie * Munich
"Stage direction and dramaturgy" * an ENOA (European Network of Opera Academies)  workshop 

Tuesday 25th February to Saturday 1st March 2014 



Inês will be exploring the role of Salomé in this little known opera, based on the Oscar Wilde play.


Saint-Saens La Princesse Jaune
Holst The Wandering Scholar


National Tour of Portugal 2012/2013


Teatro Bernardim Ribeiro, Estremoz

Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Sintra

Teatro Gil Vicente, Coimbra

Teatro das Artes e Espectáculo, Portalegre


Conduction: João Paulo Santos

Direction: Fernanda Lapa


This Contemporaneus production brings back two long-forgotten gems of the operatic repertoire.

As Léna, Ming and Alison, Inês has been having fun exploring  the frustrations of a Dutch woman, the graceful manners of a mysterious geisha and the liveliness of a French mischievous peasant.

Britten Recital 


In celebration of Benjamin Britten's 100th birthday, this concert explores the composer's different sides: Les Illuminations is a major work of the composer's first phase; a selection of Folksongs exemplifies his love of traditional English and Scottish music; the Purcell arrangements show his skills as pianist and innovatorFinally, Britten reintruduced Mozart's opera Idomeneo to the UK: two of Elettra's arias remind us of his career as a conductor.


Sons na Tarde 

Clube dos Oficiais da Marinha Mercante, Lisbon Portugal

Sunday 6th October 2013 @ 18.30pm